Because the development of communications and exchanges is such that nothing  is developed being isolated, in order to reunite our efforts, LTS GROUP was incorporated to regroup several activities under the same banner, activities which have been carried over several years in the most promising sectors of the economy and showing the best growth in the Algerian market.
 LTS GROUP has set objectives in the creation of wealth by incorporating the latest technologies in the world and local manufacturing, creating national and international distribution networks, in the areas of agriculture and agro -industry, hydraulics, building materials, steel recycling, energy, security equipment and rolling stock, communications, textile and labor recruitment.
The illustration of our business philosophy, is looking for partners in the areas selected, under various forms such as:
– Technology transfers,
– Partnerships,
– Relocations,
– Capital acquisitions,
To respond to the creation of local wealth and the integration effort, through the application of these formulas.
The prominent political position of Algeria with many countries, and its relationship with the African continent benefiting from many exchange agreements, allow to consider building close relationships with many of them.
So, together, we will build and develop the substance of GROUPE LTS.
Hoping to count you among our preferred partners.


Troudi Salim
General manager