LTS AGRO is active in the production and distribution of agricultural products and agro-industry, both nationally and internationally, mainly from Algeria and over a wide area for export.

LTS AGRO offers to  its customers a wide range of products that have the following characteristics:

– Products chosen with methodology in every sector, wheat, milk, vegetable oil, raw materials such as sugar, coffee, tea, cocoa, with perfect knowledge for the choice of products in each family.

White and red meats, organic products, fresh products such as fruits and vegetables, and fresh or  in the form of canned packaging or frozen,

– Negotiated for large amounts, ensuring the best conditions of purchase and therefore prices and a unique negotiating power with our partners.

–  in the best quality / price ratio in the best sources worldwide.

– Guaranteed delivery to all destinations.

LTS AGRO therefore offers multi-diversified products:

– Products of different origins, mostly from Algeria and the Maghreb, and complemented by a wide range worldwide in the most competitive countries where we have partners.

– Whether agricultural products such as potatoes, carrots, garlic and onions, various fresh green vegetables, the green peppers, red, yellow, melons, green and purple artichokes, and olives and citrus and various fruits including dates and figs.

– Or preserves, such as the double tomato concentrate from fresh tomatoes or canned mixed vegetables, or jams, tetrapak or controlled origin frozen products,

– Products are mainly organic quality  “Made in Algeria”, since there is no use of fertilizers or pesticides, and water is available and sun in abundance.

– LTS AGRO  supports its customers throughout the year with a reliable network comprising :

. production sites on stocks: from the various campaigns, LTS AGRO provides its partners with adequate storage  to comply with its delivery commitments.

.  distribution platforms: a good implementation of logistics platforms allows LTS AGRO to deliver the orders on schedule.

. logistics and transport: the organization is focused on customer satisfaction, therefore the best transport will be made available to them.




  • A plant for transformation of concentrated tomatoes (double and triple)
  • A plant for manufacturing Hallal beer, with or without alcohol

A plant for transformation of soups in packages