LTS GROUPE , a limited company active over the past four years, with a capital base of four million Euros (four million) develops activities related to the most growing sectors of the Algerian economy, and under the leadership of the TROUDI family, LTS GROUPE has set-up the following objectives  in the following sectors :

  • Agro-industry projects and agriculture (LTS AGRO)
  • Building supplies distribution, civil works, transport  (HYDRO SUD)
  • Steel plant to produce billets and re-bars from recycled metal scraps, (LTS ACIER)
  • Energy (pipeline and compression stations construction, power generation through renewable energies including hydraulics, software development and construction for “turning machines” and associated equipment, pipelines for Oil & Gas “downstream activities” and specially linked to refinery installations) (LTS ENERGY)
  • Security equipment, apparels and supplies and transport (LTS MOTORS)
  • Communication, special events and advertising (LTS EVENTS)
  • Textile and garments (LTS TEX)
  • Manpower recruitment and management for national and international labour (LTS HUMAN RESSOURCES)

Having developed a specialized company for each concerned activity, to deploy for the national market distribution networks, or install local transformation to “Algerianize” the production, or when necessary acting as Exclusive Agents for the renowned manufacturers the LTS GROUPE  represents.

The objective remains to become an Algerian local producer and integrate related technology.

For some activities, LTS GROUPE is already in the process of developing industrial projects, and will further progress  with partners in new avenues such as textile, mining, or agro-products, when available.

Existing investments relate to  :

  • Foundry (LTS ACIER)
  • Mining (gold and other resources as developed with DITEM RESSOURCES, Canadian partner specialized in exploration and exploitation, specially interested in precious metals, rare earth, including uranium, and others such as copper, zinc, steel, developing gold, Barite, calcium carbonate without limitation ) (LTS ENERGY)

The main interest lies in activities developed through Joint-Ventures when the foreign partner creates a company within the 49/51 partnership and comes with his knowhow and transfer of technology, additional capital base, and share of industrial risk.