The Limited company LTS ENERGY has been incorporated to meet the demands from the ambitious Energy Efficiency Program which has been developed specially in the sectors linked to Natural Gaz, and to Renewable Energies, for the coming years in Algeria as defined by the Ministry of Energy and Mines.   

This program includes the installation of 22 000 MW with EnR, this until 2030, with half aiming at exports, including the 40% capacity to produce electricity for national consumption with renewable energy.(in majority with solar photovoltaic and thermal  production).

Additionally, the requirements in Natural Gas for the national consumption will reach  45 billions m3 in 2020 et 55 billions m3 in 2030, quantities to which should be added the requirement for export markets.


Within the frame of Renewable Energies development and Efficient Energy, that LTS ENERGY  plans to develop, and in order to integrate locally technical and industrial capacities, as well as  engineering,  a Joint-Venture to assemble and manufacture double side solar panels  in a completely automated plant to be located in Sidi-Okba, near Biskra,  with a yearly capacity of 100 MW is contemplated.

The objective to reach is to answer the requirements of national integration, for solar power generation, linked to the program set-up by the Government until 2030 , and to meet the demands for private solar farms with various technologies :

  • The use of photovoltaic pannels which receive and transform directly sun into electric power,
  • Or using the heat generated by the sunrays more than using the sunrays themselves, well known as « Concentrating Solar Power » (CSP), and using sub-contracting capacities. LTS ENERGY will be responsible for the conception, engineering, and assembling for the construction and maintenance, in quality of “integrator”and “coordinator” for EPC projects.
  • The capacities developed will allow LTS ENERGY to be part of the program for Renewable Energies whether public or private when tenders will be published, mainly from CREG for the public sector, and to demonstrate the Algerian local “savoir –faire”, mainly in engineering and project management.


For the energy produced by hydrocarbons, and which most available source is natural gas, total investments to answer the budget covering hydrocarbon requirements for the 2020 horizon,  reach  78billion DA.

Within the frame of this program, and in order to participate at different levels,  LTS ENERGY, using sub-contracting capacities or through Joint Ventures, plans to use human and material  capacities to answer the requirements of future tenders such as  and without limitation :

  • engineering,
  • procurement,
  • construction and assembling,
  • maintenance,

linked to EPC projects such as transport (pipelines) , compression stations, pumping stations,  or any other work including civil works.

LTS ENERGY plans to become a privileged partner in Algeria to participate in satisfying requirements linked to the current Algerian Energy Efficiency Program.