LTS EVENTS is a communication agency which operates and manages events, marketing research and advertising campaigns, promotional events, organization of leisure parks, fairs, and can also create and produce audiovisual programs for both television and cinema, and provides integrated solutions “turn-key” for all activities  such as :


– Developing marketing studies, or advertising and creating a corporate image, a brand, a logo, and answer any business requirements, design and  implement as well as deploy advertising tools, and select appropriate most effective sites, and also organizes the most selective medias.


– The organization of corporate seminars, conventions, conferences, team building to facilitate the understanding and integration of your teams including a variety of  tests and games for which we make all the components available, corporate evenings  and /or discovery of  national and international destinations,  as we integrate our services in our selected travel agency, for theme parties, birthday or New year, without limitation.


– Proposal and complete solutions for events, either for product launches, parades, graduation, weekend integration, sporting events, exploits,


– Organize exhibitions,  manage their installation, while ensuring optimum coverage.


– Organize leisure parks such as  mini parks to theme parks and aquaparks, including accommodation, such as villages, hotels, campings with wood and hard concrete constructions, offering solutions for design, studies, procurement, construction, maintenance and management of structures, available for rent or sale as appropriate ,


– By offering integrated solutions from design to realization  for “turn-key”projects  and putting all the human and technical resources available for each of the projects.