Taking into account that the textile market evolves in an  economy where the black market reaches around 60%, the textile industry is one of the most affected activities by this unfair competition from all countries including:

– The European countries with the shipment of latest fashion of finished products in undeclared suitcases or containers,

– Countries like China, India, Indonesia among the most prominent ones producing with unbeatable price conditions, given the level of local wages and non existing  social protection,  benefiting from an ancestral industry with proliferation of skilled labor thanks to the legacy of centuries in art craft, manufacture textile products at unbeatable conditions, not to mention their ability to grow the raw materials locally. (Cotton, silk, jute, etc …)

This competition has forced the shutdown, in Algeria, of the textile  highly mechanized and structured production sector, whether public or private.

Facing  this deplorable situation, LTS TEX, decided to develop niches including:

– Import of finished garments  from very competitive origin (Tunisia, China, India and Pakistan, and future from African countries, where the most famous brands are now present and provide clothing from the locally produced raw materials to finishing, in the context of establishing partnerships with global brands.)

– Development of “franchises”, through a network of specialty stores.

– Import of raw materials and fabrics and High Textured threads, from the producing countries, with incomparable competitive conditions, to deliver to the local industry still active in certain provinces in Algeria

LTS TEX which began launching a known brand of underwear manufactured in Tunisia, for import and distribution in Algeria, since there are no customs duties between the two countries, proposes to develop an ambitious program, in this highly competitive sector, as set out above.