LTS HYDRO SUD is a construction company specializing in hydraulic works, roads and water treatment and develops expertise in civil engineering and construction, and acts as a coordinator to meet the needs of design, procurement, construction, finance and management if necessary, of any building or project.


LTS HYDRO SUD can meet the needs of the group for both internal and external programs.


LTS HYDRO SUD faces the growing needs of certain sectors, developing new expertise:


Sports and recreational infrastructure: construction of semi-Olympic and Olympic stadiums, including swimming pools, Olympic and semi-Olympic, athletics tracks, various sports fields, greeneries, metal frame buildings or laminated wood, streetlightings ,

Telecommunications: networks including copper and optical fiber, corporate networks, energy equipment, services and accessories.

Construction : commercial complexes, including car parks, green spaces, indoor and outdoor facilities.

Touristic developments and fitness: with wooden and concrete structures with an unbeatable quality / price ratio, amusement parks, aquatic parks  and touristic villages with attractions, sports and recreational facilities, green parks,  thalassotherapy  and spas, among others.


LTS HYDRO SUD also specializes in the secondary sector, and performs any job relating to its specialized team in all interior design work (cement, plaster, electrical, plumbing), and all work related to decoration and finishing.